Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit: A Reason to Stop using Plastic Bags #3

Can you find the plastic bag? 

Hint: It is not were it is suppose to be.

Strange Fruit: A Reason to Stop using Plastic Bags #2

I saw this plastic bag on I-75/85 headed toward downtown Atlanta.  Is this your plastic bag?

Strange Fruit: A Reason to Stop using Plastic Bags #1

Last summer, NPR interviewed Kathy Fredrick, a blogger who chronicled the life of a plastic bag that was stuck in a tree outside her office building.  She was so fascinated about the stuck plastic bag that she began throwing birthday parties in its honor.  She also "interviewed" this plastic bag she named "Windy".  Kathy's interview with NPR was fun and memorable, but there was an important message behind "Windy".
Recently, I started noticing that there are hundreds of “Windys" stuck in trees along my commute.  Surely, we have all seen these strange fruit hanging from trees.  We are the ones that use and discard the bags without any thought as to how it is affecting our environment.  So, what are we doing about it?
Companies are now selling reusable bags to help us curtail our use of plastic bags.  That is at least a start.  Now, we just have to remember to use the bags and leave the plastic bags alone!
In the meantime, I have decided to keep track of all the plastic bags I see and post it to this blog.  If you see a "Windy" hanging from a tree, please tell us where it is located and what you think we can do to remove the bags from the trees and off the ground.

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