Friday, January 21, 2011

Growing Green ATL: GE Energy’s Grid IQ Experience Center

On Thursday, General Electric (GE) showcased the GE Energy’s Grid IQ Experience Center in Atlanta, GA.  This VIP event was only open to Georgia government officials, industry executives, academia, and the media, but it will be opened to the public in October 2011.  This center will provide consumers, a world-class smart grid education.

Smart grid technology will allow us to save energy, reduce energy costs, and increase reliability.  No more power outages? Well, less outages. 
By having the center in Atlanta, we will see a boost to the local economy because the center comes with 400 new jobs.  Atlanta will also become a major player in achieving green energy for the United States.  Click here to learn more about smart grids.

GE Energy’s Grid IQ Experience Center
2018 Powers Ferry Rd., SE
Atlanta, Ga. 30339


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