Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome "Green Bees"

Since the launch of the campaign, we have welcomed 7 eager and wonderful individuals to join the "Green Bee" team.  I would like to welcome the following: Denaya, Tonie, Patrice, Jennifer, Lynn, Karin, and Audria. 

Where are the men?  I am not sure, but we are looking for three more individuals that are open to testing and reviewing "green", natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable, and/or organic products that are effective and FREE. 

If you or someone you know ready for the assignment, then send us an email to info@bylaurendaniels.com with the subject line, "January/February Campaign" and become a friend/follower on Facebook, Twitter, or this blog.  Find us on Facebook, type "Lauren Daniels Assistant Services".  On Twitter, type "LaurenDanielsCo".  Also let us know how you heard about us.

As always, I am taking suggestions for the next campaign.  Right now I am thinking the Baumgartens Conserve Brand.  What do you think?  What products you have been dying to try?

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